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Develop A Strong Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

October 17, 2016

Develop A Strong Bond With Your Baby While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a very special time of your life but nine months can be a long time to wait to meet your precious little one. To help you prepare for your new life as a Mum, it is wonderful to take some time to bond with your unborn baby well before the birth.

Venezuelan clinical psychologist, Dr. Beatriz Manrique, studied the effect of pre and post-natal stimulation on babies. According to this research, babies who were stimulated with touch and sound in the womb appeared to be more alert at birth, had better head control and were able to turn their heads in the direction of their parent's voices.

Here are some techniques for you to use to start to form a healthy attachment and bond:

Sing and talk to your baby
Don’t feel silly chatting to your growing belly. It is a great way to develop an emotional connection with your baby before birth. And singing not only helps to relax you, it also calms your growing baby. Hearing develops around 18 weeks into the pregnancy, so your baby can definitely hear you. Many expectant parents play classical music to their unborn babies as it can have a very calming effect on them.

Massage your baby bump
A soothing way to bond with your baby is to gently massage your belly. Babies will respond to your touch by kicking the area you massaged or by changing position. The feeling of touch is reassuring even to your unborn baby.

Pregnancy Yoga
Antenatal yoga classes are a great way to relax and focus on your growing your baby. The best time to start yoga in your pregnancy is in the second trimester (after 14 weeks). Along with gentle stretching you will learn breathing techniques that will come in handy and help during your labour.

Practise hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing helps you to release any fear and tension that you may be holding onto about the upcoming birth. Techniques such as breathing, deep relaxation, visualisations and positive affirmations help reduce stress levels, fatigue, anxiety and fear. All of this is beneficial to the baby and the Mother.

Get creative
Such things as painting, drawing, knitting, sewing writing and cooking will also help keep you relaxed which in turn benefits the baby. Getting creative will also get you into good practice for craft activities for when your baby is a little older.

Respond to your baby’s kicks and movements
You will probably start to feel your baby move from about 18 to 20 weeks if this is your first pregnancy. Responding to the kicks and movements can be like a little conversation between you and your baby along with Dad if he would like to participate as well. Just respond by rubbing your belly bump when your baby moves and build up a little touch communication between the two of you. It is a very exciting moment when you feel your baby respond to your touch for the first time.

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