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Exercise - Post Pregnancy ( From day 5 up to 3-4 years guide)

October 17, 2016

When Can I Start Exercising Post Pregnancy?

Lets ask the Expert : Lorraine Scapens Pregnancy Exercise Specialist!

These are the most frequently asked questions I get asked.

- When Can I Start Exercising Post Pregnancy?

- Can Exercise Help Months or Years Post Pregnancy?

- How Do I know Which Exercises To Do?

I could write an article on each but I will try to answer these questions thoroughly in this short article.

Ideal for 0-5 years post pregnancy.

I firmly believe that every post natal female should start a specific exercise program sooner rather than later after giving birth. It is crucial for recovery after your pregnancy, labor and birth. 

Post pregnancy exercises will reduce back and hip pain, reduce muscular aches whilst breastfeeding, decrease abdominal separation-diastasis recti*, improve posture and allow you to get back into your regular exercise program. 

Did I also mention that it will help you get back into your jeans too?!

1. When Can I start Exercising Post Pregnancy? This depends on 3 things:
  • Exercise prior to Birth
  • Your Birth
  • Your Baby
1. Exercise prior to Birth

If you have exercised during your pregnancy then you should still be fit and strong so your recovery will be much faster than that of a non- exercising female.

2. Your Birth

If you have a normal vaginal birth you can start exercising quickly and you can assist your recovery with the correct exercises.

If however you have had a ‘C’ section delivery then you cannot start an exercise program until 4- 6 weeks, 8-12 if you haven’t exercised during your pregnancy. You may start exercising earlier after a ‘C’ section from 4 weeks if you exercised specifically up to the birth of your baby. You could start an exercise program from 4-6 weeks post.

Labors and births can also be very demanding and even some vaginal births can have many complications and medical interventions. If this is the case start exercising from 2-4 weeks allow yourself more time to rest and recover. However you should still try to think about your posture and still try to activate your abdominal muscles daily.
3. Your Baby

Once you have started to exercise try not to set a routine and don’t expect too much. You and your baby need time to adjust. Your baby may wake frequently through the night, be unsettled during the day, they may need feeding at regular intervals or you may struggle to nurse.

All of these factors can make you feel tired. You need to feel rested so not tired when you start your exercise routine. 

You need to be relaxed and focused when you perform your re-habilitation exercises.

Try not to worry if some weeks you manage just 1-2 exercise sessions a week, this is completely normal and expected. Any exercise is better than no exercise. You may not be able to manage a set exercise routine during the first year due to the demands of a young baby.
3- Can Exercise help Month's or Years Post Pregnancy?

A definite Yes. This fantastic 12 Week Post pregnancy Exercise Program is specially designed for post pregnancy mums. You can start from five days post birth or up to 3 and 4 years Post! So whenever you feel you can tear yourself away from your little munchkin, Pregnancy Exercise is ready to guide you back into shape.

4- How Do I Know Which Exercises To Do?

You can start exercising from 5- 7days depending on the birth you have. This is not strenuous exercise

You are best to start off with Post pregnancy exercises like the ones in the 12 week Program available on this site

Remember Healthy mums have Healthy babies!

Diastasi recti

The re-habilitation exercises are crucial in your post natal recovery. The exercises will target your core and hip muscle groups and concentrate on decreasing abdominal separation-diastasis recti* and activation of the pelvic floor muscles.

I believe that no exercise should be performed until you have lower abdominal-T.V.A transvers abdominal activation. You should and can start thinking about activating this muscle group, as quick as 1-2 days post birth unless you have had a ‘C’ section.

Contact me if you have any questions relating to this article,

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