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Getting Pregnant After 35: What Are Your Birth Options

October 17, 2016

A lot of women go through their first pregnancy after the age of 35. The first time around is when you are researching on the whole ordeal and are a bit confused about things. Do not make your decision based on hearsay.


Mothers who cross the age of 35 are noted to more likely undergo caesarean birth than women who have children earlier. The caesarean surgical procedure is for women who have low risk deliveries or pregnancies. A study suggests that age is a determining factor for many women to choose C section. However, another reason is that as women age, their BMIs and body fat rate rises as well. This is associated with the need to have C sections.

While you are out stocking for things for labour, you might want to check out C section recovery kits, these help a lot for post baby recuperation.


Age solely is never a reason to force you into delivering at the hospital when you would rather prefer a different location, may be your house or any other place you hold important. Conditions that spring up during delivery like Preeclampsia are easily diagnosed during the pregnancy period. Just make sure you don’t miss any appointments with your OB/GYN.

Gestational diabetes is usually diagnosed at the time of pregnancy and you should to talk to your midwife about the risks and safety of giving birth at home. Many people think that controlled GD is not a good enough reason to give birth at the hospital.


There are certain increased risks for pregnancy over 35. The science may not be clear cut but these cases are accounted for. Some studies have shown complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

However, there are tons of conditions that make pregnancy risky regardless of the age of the mother. These include breech positioning, antepartum bleeding, and preterm labour. But this does not make every 35 year old mother to be a sure fire candidate for any of these diseases.


A few tips on how you can successfully work on low risk delivery:


    • Always be prepared. Do not hesitate to take a class on natural birth. This way you will be less scared because you will know what to expect. 


    • If you can, opt for midwifery care. This has proven to cut your risks for caesarean delivery and midwifery care. 


  • A healthy lifestyle is very important to make sure your pregnancy and delivery go smoothly. This means keeping stress under tab with healthy diet and exercise.

Natural birth after you have reached 35 is very much possible. Older moms have a lot of advantage as well with this. Women over the age of 35 are more educated, have financial stability and a much powerful emotional readiness when it comes to the prospect of motherhood.

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