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The First Six Week After A Caesarean Section

October 17, 2016



After a caesarean, women usually stay in hospital for about three to five days. This can vary between hospitals or if there are problems with your recovery. 

In some hospitals you can choose to go home early and have your follow-up care at home. Ask the nurse or midwife about what your hospital offers.

Remember and take your C-Section Recovery Kit to the hospital with you to start recovery from day !

Tips to help with recovery in the first six weeks include:


    1. Get as much rest as you can. Ask family or friends to help, or organise paid help if you can afford it. If you feel you need extra support at home, talk with the doctor or midwife or maternal and child health nurse.


    1. Do not lift any weight that is heavier than your baby. Be careful of your back when you lift and don’t lift anything that causes you pain.


    1. Take a gentle walk every day. This can have physical and emotional health benefits. Hospital physiotherapists can help with appropriate exercise ideas as you start to recover.


    1. Eat a healthy, high-fibre diet and drink plenty of water. Do this every day to avoid constipation.


    1. Use warmth on your wound. Warmth can have a soothing effect. Try a wheat bag or hot water bottle.


    1. Take pain relievers regularly to begin with to prevent pain. If you are breastfeeding, check that any medication you are using is safe for your baby too.


    1. Keep your wound clean and dry. Wear loose clothing and look for signs of infection (such as redness, pain, swelling of the wound or bad-smelling discharge). Report these to the doctor or midwife.


    1. Avoid sex until you feel comfortable. It is quite normal to for it to take weeks, even months, before you are ready to have sex.


  1. Numbness or itching around the scar is normal. This can last a long time for some women.

    Join a new mother’s group. Talking with other mums who have had a similar experience to you can be very helpful.

    Some women feel very positive about having a caesarean while others feel disappointed or sad. It can be very helpful to talk through any feelings of disappointment with your partner, family, friends and carers. The nurse or midwife can also refer you for counselling if you are feeling very low.

    Looking after a new baby is hard for all women, but it can be harder when you are recovering from a caesarean. Be kind to yourself. It may take a few weeks or even longer to recover, particularly if you have had complications.

    You should not drive a car until your wound has healed (usually about six weeks). Talk with your doctor about when they think would be a safe time to start driving again.


    It is unlikely that you will have the same problem again with future pregnancies or births. However, the fact that you have had a caesarean can cause different problems for future pregnancies or births. If you become pregnant again, you will need to talk to your doctor about whether your next birth will be a caesarean or a vaginal birth.

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