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Pregnancy & C-Section + Scar Care Deluxe Pack

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Belly Bands have recently introduced the Pregnancy & C-section Deluxe Recovery Kit. The pack contains a few essential items to help mums-to-be manage their growing pregnant tummy and gain the optimum c-section recovery.

  • The Original 3-in-1 Belly Band
  • Plus the narrower Pelvic Sacriolic Band
  • Reusable hot and cold perennial pads
  • Stretch Marks & Scar Massage Cream
  • Natural Skin Brush
  • Gas & Constipation Herbal Tea 
  • Hospital Pants
  • Silicone Scar Sheets
  • + Heal Better Recovery App

* Items can be purchased separately but together you save $100 off

Products and app are designed for C-section recovery but can be used during pregnancy, after a vaginal birth also.

Belly Bands versatile design enables 1 garment to perform the role of 3 different maternity bands; pregnancy support belt, postpartum wrap, and a c-section surgical binderCombined with belly bands organic stretch mark and scar cream and skin brushing for optimum benefits.

1. Pregnancy Support: reduce pelvic and lower back pain and help keep diastasis as small as possible. (Ideal when carrying twins). Apply daily stretch marks cream and brush to keep skin nourished and hydrated as your tummy grows during pregnancy.

2. Heal Postpartum: support the abdominal wall, internal organs, pelvis and spine after childbirth. Treat diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). Binding straight after birth can also assist the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down.

3. C-section Recovery: wearing a post-surgical garment will support the cut muscles, reduce pain, protect incision and reduce bloating. Get walking sooner, which enhances the speed of postoperative recovery. 

Scar Care. Applying massage therapy after surgery can greatly reduce scar tissue /adhesion forming. It only takes 5 min a day but can prevent  long term complications (see video below) 

Tip: Take your Maternity Support Band to the hospital as many women start using it within the first 24 hours after childbirth/surgery. 

Belly Bands ♥︎ By Mums! 

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        • The multipurpose maternity and post-op compression garment has been created by women for women with a focus on comfort, flexibility, adjustability, affordability and hassle-free sizing.

          Your Physiotherapists may recommend Belly Bands for pain management and to aid and encourage mobility whilst supporting the spine, pelvis and abdominal muscles during pregnancy and post-surgery.    
          ✚ Recommend Uses:
          • Reduce lower back pain
          • Lessen Pelvic girdle pain
          • Decrease lower back pain
          • Treat (DRAM) muscle separation
          • Shrink uterus post-baby
          • Supports cut muscles
          • Manage wound/incision pain
          • Reduce post-op bloating
          • Flatten post-op scar
          • Assists in healing and & faster recovery 

          Disclaimer: Belly Bands products and information is to be used in conjunction with doctors’ care and does not substitute medical advice! 

        • Why Massage Post-Surgical Wounds?

          What are Adhesions?; 

          Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that can form as the body begins to heal after surgery if the scar tissue joins two internal body surfaces that are not normally connected can prevent these organs from moving freely this can lead to chronic pain, bowel construction, infertility and more. In most cases, abdominal adhesions are not problematic but specialists recommend massaging the scar area as a way to break up scar tissue.

          Once your incision,it only takes 5 min a day to follow a basic abdominal scar massage routine such as the once below by; www.IntuitiveHandsPT.com .

          We recommend all our customers be proactive in their recovery, talk to your physiotherapist about using massage to heal, (Painful scars from previous surgery can also benefit for massage).

        • Sizing & Fitting Guide!

          Belly Bands are manufactured using a unique fabric that permits the velcro tabs to attach anywhere on the garment. Each piece is cut by hand to ensure a more contoured fit making it suitable for most body types.

          The flexible design makes choosing the correct size easy. Simply use your current clothing size as a guide -  adjust for pregnancy gain when ordering early in pregnancy.

          * We recommend choosing the smaller size if you are in-between sizes or choose the twin pack if you're unsure on width you prefer.

          Note: The fit, support and end result when using an abdominal compression garment, will be determined by the user's unique body shape!

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          • Standard Post 4-7 Work Days
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        • We appreciate your business and aim to provide 100% customers service!

          We will happily refund any unopened ‘Change of Mind purchase’ within 28 days of ordering!

          The Belly Band is a registered TGA medical device. They are worn, against the skin and in the hospital on post-operative wounds. Therefore we have to abide by health and safety standards and unable to provide a refund or exchange on open or worn garments.

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Size Guide

Use current clothing size - adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in your pregnancy. 


 Sizing Guide


Clothing Size


Waist Size


AU 6-16

UK 6-16

USA 2 -12 


AU 32 - 36

UK 32 - 36

USA 32 - 36



AU 16 - 22 

UK 16 - 22 

USA 16 - 22



AU 36 - 44

UK 36 - 44

USA 36 - 44


For Large sizes, check the 18cm width is wide enough to provide coverage and correct fit for your body shape.
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