Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea
Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea
Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea - Belly Bands
Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea - Belly Bands
Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea - Belly Bands

Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea

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Owing to the amount of stress that has become a constant in our daily lives, a host of unavoidable health issues occur such as poor gut health. No matter what profession you belong to or even if you follow a healthy lifestyle, gas and bloating are common digestive problems that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Another time when gas and bloating can be present is following childbirth and after surgery, these problems are can make recovery more uncomfortable.

In such cases, the Gas & Bloating Herbal Tea, which is prepared with carefully picked natural ingredients, is a great solution for everyone suffering from gas or bloating symptoms.

  • Made of natural ingredients that are known for treating gas pain and bloating.
  • Naturally caffeine-free.
  • Absolutely safe for breastfeeding women (Although we would advise you to consult your doctor before taking it).
  • Can be consumed either hot or cold

The Wholesome Brew's 'Gas and Bloating' Tea is a gorgeous natural herbal blend. Made in Australia, exclusively for Belly Bands 


  • 25g Herbal Tea (7 days supply)
  • 1 x Loose Leaf Tea Strainer.


Dose: 2-3 cups per day

Simply place one heaped teaspoon of tea in the diffuser and place it in a cup of boiling water. Leave to steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold. 

*Tea may be prepared in larger quantities and kept refrigerated in a jug to be consumed as needed.