Self-Care Essentials for New & Expecting Mamas

We know just how important it is for new mamas to take care of their bodies during this transformative period, and how crucial it is for them to get the comfort and support they need throughout their entire maternity journey.

As the leader in maternity support garments and self-care essentials, we're proud to offer a trusted, quality range of belly bands and complimentary products that have been developed to empower and support your pregnancy, postpartum healing, and even C-section recovery.

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When it comes to supporting Pregnancy, Postpartum healing, and C-Section recovery, mums look for products they can trust - that's why so many choose our Australian-made Belly Bands and quality range of self-care essentials.

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Our Best Selling Belly Band

3-in-1 Belly Band Reviews

I've been suffering terribly with pelvic pain during my pregnancy. Some days it was so bad I struggled to get around. I have a little 4 year old that needs extra assitance so having the belly band to assist me has been truly life changing. I no longer suffer incredible amounts of pain. I'm looking forward to using it post partum!

- Kimberley R

Verified Buyer

These bands are amazing. This is my second (I gave my first one to a friend after our first baby) and it’s as magical this time as it was the first! I’m on my feet a lot for work and end up with a very achey back and hips- the band offers so much support and takes away most of the pain, it’s amazing. Before it, I wasn’t sure I could make it to 34w while working, but now I’m sure I can

- Rebecca D

Verified Buyer

This product has helped me get through my day with so much more ease and support. I can once again get through my 12hr shifts nursing and get through day to day activities with ease and comfort. I only wish I had of bought this sooner!

- Abby H.

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