About Belly Bands

Belly Bands are the trusted name in Compression Bands or Tummy bandages, the multi-purpose compression band is designed to reduce pain and discomfort for mums during all stages of pregnancy and post childbirth. 

In addition to maternity the Belly Band as a must have post-op recovery aid for both men and women providing much needed protection for the incision and support to walk with less pain during recovery.     

For Both Women & Men Made in Australia, Delivered Worldwide

Can be used for

✔   During Pregnancy

✔   Post - Natural Birth

✔   C-Section Delivery 

✔   Hysterectomy

✔   Myomectomy (Fibroids)

✔   Abdominal Hernia

✔   Tummy Tuck

✔   Laminectomy (Back)

✔   Kidney Surgery

✔   Appendix Removal

✔   Abdominal Hernia Brace

✔   Lower Back Brace

Wearing a Belly Band or Tummy Wrap is not a new concept in fact many cultures around the world have been using them for centuries.

Your health specialist may recommend wearing a compression garment such as our "3-in-1 Belly Band" to reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy, post childbirth and post surgical procedures



Reduce Pelvic Girdle

Pain Reduce

Lower Back

Pain Reduce


Recti Support Pendulant Belly Protect

Incision from Opening Reduce Pain from Wound Shrink Uterus & Post-Op Bloating Heal & Recover Faster Flattens Post-Op Scar Slims Post-Baby Tummy


p>Designed to provide superior support combined with seamless technology the <strong>18 cm</strong> wide band will contour to most body types and <strong>sizes</strong>, providing <strong>adjustable</strong> compression and a comfortable fit that can <strong>grow</strong> and<strong> shrink</strong> with your tummy.</p>
<p>Belly Bands were created by<strong> mums</strong> for <strong>mums</strong>, tailored to promote faster healing and reduce pain. Recommend as <strong>1st</strong> choice in compression garments to minimize painful symptoms associated with <strong>Pregnancy, C-Section Recovery</strong> and to bind <strong>Post-Baby</strong> tummy.</p>
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<p style="text-align: left;"><span style="color: #cc0000;">Buying Tip! </span>Belly Bands are <strong>sold worldwide</strong> (24hrs a day) If sold out and you require an item <strong>urgently</strong> please contact us to place backorder.</p>
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<p><span style="color: #cc0000;">* </span>Belly Bands products and information <span style="text-decoration: underline;">are to be</span> used in conjunction with Doctors Care and does not substitute for Medical advice. </p>