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Maternity & Post Surgery Compression Band !

Belly Bands are a favourite choice by health specialists who recommend to their patients to assist with managing pain, encourage mobility during pregnancy, postpartum and to aid rehabilitation after surgery.

Belly Bands available at a discount rate to health specialists, clinics and hospitals. They are 100% Australia Made, with TGA medical device approval and claimable on patient health funds.

The multi-purpose compression garment is scientifically engineered and produced from quality materials, with adjustable sizing to ensure a comfortable fit that contours to most body types.

18cm wide and comes in 2 sizes, suitable for both women and men and ideal for; 

  • Pelvic instability pain
  • Lower back pain 
  • Abdominal muscle separation 
  • Post-partum support
  • Umbilical hernia 
  • Incisional hernia
  • Back brace
  • Post abdominal & spinal recovery

*Research shows that the use of an elasticized abdominal binder after major abdominal or spinal surgery such as C-sections, can enhance the speed of postoperative recovery, enhance walk performance and significantly reduce pain and when applying gentle compression on the wound can create a flatter scar.