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Hysterectomy Recovery Deluxe Pack

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Belly Bands have recently introduced the Deluxe Recovery Kit for post Hysterectomy ( abdominal and spinal) surgery recovery 

  • Hysterectomy Recovery Band
  • Stretch Maks and Scar Cream
  • Natural Skin Brush

Enhance abdominal and spinal surgery recovery, while assisting the lymphatic system get rid of toxins from the body, keeping skin soft and supple aiding prevention of problematic scar tissue /adhesion with daily scar massage.

Ordering your Hysterectomy Recovery Support Band is made easy for Australian and International customers, with flexible sizing, exclusive low prices and fast worldwide delivery. 

☆ Australian Made  ☆ Health Fund Rebates  ☆ 5 Star Reviews   ☆ Free Shipping

    Belly Bands Ships Worldwide! 

    * The response to our Belly Bands Deluxe Kit has been more than we expected our next batch or natural organic cream is in production and will be available in Oct 2017

    • Physiotherapist recommend Belly Bands for pain management and to aid and encourage mobility whilst supporting the spine, pelvis and abdominal muscles during post surgery.      
      ✚ Health Benefits:
      • Support Cut Muscles
      • Decrease Pain From Wound
      • Lessen Post-Op Bloating
      • Heal & Recover Faster

      Tip: The Hysterectomy Recovery Band can be taken to the hospital as many patients start using it within the first 36 hours after surgery. 

    • Wearing A Post -Op Compression Band   

      With 45,000 Hysterectomy procedures performed every year in Australia alone, being aware and prepared for post surgery recovery is most beneficial for every patient. Medical Studies have concluded that Elasticized abdominal binders provide a non-invasive intervention for enhancing recovery of walk performance, controlling pain and distress, and improving patients' experience following MAS.  

      C-Section ~ Hysterectomy ~ Myomectomy (Fibroids) ~ Abdominal Hernia ~ Tummy Tuck ~ Laminectomy ~ Kidney Surgery ~ Appendix Removal ~ Gastroenterologic surgery. 
      Belly Bands helps you feel secure and confident as you return to daily activities.


    • What size do I need?

        The belts come in 2 sizes, Standard - (28-36 inch, or AUS 6-16), and Large - (36-46 inch or AUS 16-22). Just use your current clothing size as a guide.

      Who can use one?

        The Belly Band / Hysterectomy Belt is suitable for men and women for maternity, post-op surgery, hernia and spinal support.

      When should I wear?

        Use a Hernia Belt anytime for abdominal hernia or back support. Once you have the okay from your doctor after surgery, wear it as soon as it’s comfortable to do so.
        For best results, continue to wear the Hernia Belt for 8-12 weeks.
        * Remove the belt if it’s uncomfortable to wear while sitting, or if pain persists consult your doctor

      How do I put on the belly band?

        Simply wrap the belt around the torso and fasten with Velcro. The Hernia Belt combines high grade fabric with seamless technology and adjustable compression for abdominal muscles, pelvis and lower back.

      Where is the Hernia Belt made?

        No, our products do not contain latex. Material: 70% Cotton, 25% Spandex, 5% Polyester


      Washing instructions?

        Hand wash in warm water

      Does the band contain Latex?

        No, none of our products contain latex. The fabric is 70% cotton, 25% spandex and 5% polyester.

      Do You Ship Overseas?

        Yes, the Belly Bands are sold to over 80 countries with FREE shipping to most.

      Do You Refund or Exchange?

        Yes, however do choose carefully because due to health regulations we can only provide a refund or exchange on un-opened goods unless they are faulty or damaged.

      Can I claim Belly Bands on my health fund?

        Yes, Belly Bands are officially registered and approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia and can be claimed by some health funds -
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      Once order is processed and dispatched from our Australian or International warehouses usually within 1-2 days, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipped order.


      • Standard Post 4-7 Work Days
      • Express Post 1-4 Work Days

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    Size Guide

    Use current clothing size - adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in your pregnancy. 


     Sizing Guide


    Clothing Size


    Waist Size


    AU 6-16

    UK 6-16

    USA 2 -12 


    AU 32 - 36

    UK 32 - 36

    USA 32 - 36



    AU 16 - 22 

    UK 16 - 22 

    USA 16 - 22



    AU 36 - 44

    UK 36 - 44

    USA 36 - 44


    *Tip! Sizes 20+ please check that the 18cm width will provide enough coverage for your individual body needs.