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Natural Scar Brush

Size Guide

Scar Massage Brush from Belly Bands is the perfect size, shape and bristle firmness, for mums and abdominal surgery patients to enjoy the benefits of skin brushing to promote healing.

Designed, manufactured, and distributed by Belly Bands, the Scar Massage Brush has various applications during pregnancy and in scar care that are not limited to C-section surgery. In fact, they are commonly used in hysterectomy and other type of invasive abdominal surgeries.

During Pregnancy

Skin Brushing is safe and beneficial in elevating the energy levels by improving the circulation of the blood. It also helps in ensuring that the stretch marks do not become prominent as the baby bump grows and when the innate child moves around.

Post Surgery

The Scar Massage Brush should be used on dry skin to diminish the scars and heal them with the passage of time. Dry skin brushing decrease infection, removes dead skin, increase circulation and eliminate ingrown hairs in and around the incision as it heals.

 * Always wait until incision / scar has properly healed with no weeping or scabs before applying brushing or cream & oils

Some of the know Benefits of Dry skin brushing 

  • Allow skin to breath by¬†exfoliate and brush away dead skin cells
  • Increasing the flow of blood which accelerates healing and tightens & firms skin
  • Stimulates and boosts¬†the¬†lymphatic system, discharging¬†waste and toxins
  • Stimulates the hormone and oil glands creating softer healthier skin
  • Stimulates the nerve endings in the skin promotes healing and¬†can boast to energy levels
  • Eliminate¬†ingrown hairs that can be problematic in¬†scar healing
  • Reduces stretch marks and cellulite

Wearing a non-invasive Belly Band or tummy bandage enhances a patients post op recovery by protecting the incision from tearing or opening, whilst reducing bloating, pain and discomfort.

Patients are encouraged to get up and walk after surgery to promote healing and wearing a belly band can greatly help to reduce pain when standing and allow the new mother to feel secure, as she is able to use both hands to look after herself and her new baby. 

In the hospital video 

Pop your 3-in-1 Belly Band into your hospital bag to start recovery from Day 1

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Size Guide

Use current clothing size - adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in your pregnancy. 


 Sizing Guide


Clothing Size


Waist Size


AU 6-16

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For Large sizes, check the 18cm width is wide enough to provide coverage and correct fit for your body shape.
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