Silicone Gel Scar Sheets

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Silicone Gel Scar Sheets

Silicone technology has been used in hospitals and by plastic surgeons for over 30 years and still considered the gold standard in wound healing today.

Good quality Silicone scar sheets are used to keep the scar naturally moisturized during the healing process, an essential step to help prevent Keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Silicone scar sheets are clinically proven to :

  1. Reduce, soften, flatten and fade scars
  2. Keloids and Hypertrophic scars
  3. Severe stretch marks 

    Belly Bands are proud to include our own quality silicone gel sheets. An essential part of our Heal Better wound healing and recovery range. 

    Box Contents:

    • 3 x 15x3cm Strips, (Cesarean strip) or
    • 1 x 15x10cm Sheet (Large sheet)
    • High-grade medical Silicone
    • Self-Adhesive, reusable and washable strips
    • Ultra-thin and flexible for comfort
    • Natural color for the easier cover-up and soft to touch
    • Non-toxic and Latex-free
    • 4+ months supply in each box

    *The oils in a person's skin or were placed on the body (in a crease area) can naturally affect the adherence of the silicone strip. If this occurs medical tape can help keep in place.

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    It takes a full six weeks for a wound to heal.