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3-in-1 Belly Band

Keep your tummy protected and comfortably supported 

C-Section Recovery Made Easier

Designed by mum’s for mums, allowing us to identify with the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and post childbirth.

This has been the essential key to the brands success and why it’s the preferred choice for women looking to minimize the painful symptoms associated with Pregnancy, C-Section Recovery and Sliming Post-baby tummy

In addition to maternity our brand has organically grown into the area of both Women and Men's health and recommended by health specialists for post abdominal and lower back surgery.

Proud to be making a difference in women's health



Hurry! Sale Ends In 2 Days + Free Gift Valued at $12.95.

Hurry! Sale Ends In 2 Days + Free Gift Valued $12.95.

Medi-Chill Cool & Heat Therapy Pads 

Pain Relief Post-ChildBirth & Scar Healing

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Happy customer Testimonials

“Hi there, just wanted to thank BellyBands! I recently had my second csection 4weeks ago, after being petrified as my first emergency csection was horrible from start to finish- especially recovery. This time I had an amazing experience"

Natalie Ciaschetti

"I had my c section band to put on after my section, the nurse wanted me to stand first and with some serious pain i did. She helped me put my band on and instantly the pain eased. Best product i brought the whole pregnancy."

Kirsty Bjornberg

"Thank goodness I ended up on your website! Firstly I would like to express how thankful I am for the belly bands recovery binder after my hysterectomy. I truly believe all gynaecologist offices should supply all women with these products."

Helene Brennan

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Advice and tips to make recovery easier


Pelvic Pain & Muscle Separation

Wearing a compression band or belly wrap during pregnancy and post birth is not a new concept, in-fact for many cultures it’s a time old tradition. As it provides a non-invasive intervention for pain and stablising the pelvis during pregnancy and improves post birth recovery.

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Be Prepared For C-Section

1 in every 3 women now deliver their babies via Cesarean Section. In Australia that is approximately 120,000 C-Section procedures performed every year and this number is echoed throughout the world. All childbearing women should be mindful of these statistics and prepare themselves as they would a natural birth. 

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Prepare for Hysterectomy

Nearly 30,000 women in Australia undergo hysterectomy every year. Women are attached to their reproductive organs, and the removal can have emotional and psychological impacts other than the physical impacts. Hence, it is advisable to be mentally prepared for the procedure and to be aware of the practices that can lead to a stress free hysterectomy recovery.

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