Heal Better

Post Surgery Recovery Products

During our time making maternity and post surgery compression garments, we have listened to many stories from customers similar to Helene and Nina's post-surgery experience.

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With this information, we looked at what was required to bridge the gab in post-op aftercare for medical professionals and their patients.

With intensive research, we manufactured the best known industry healing products and combined this with medical standard post-op aftercare information in our downloadable mobile app.

We hope the Heal Better kit and App can make a positive difference in your recovery and the transition from hospital to home easier following abdominal surgery.

The Heal Better Kit is suitable for both women and men, following C-section, Hysterectomy, Hernia repair and any other abdominal procedure.

*The compression garments included in the kit are the same that are used during pregnancy, hysterectomy and hernia support.

* These kits are only available here on our online store.