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Abdominal surgery is a common procedure, with around 130,000 Cesarean Sections annually and thousands of hernia, hysterectomy, and more.

However, since founding Belly Bands, a company that manufactures maternity and post-surgical compression garments. I identified a strong need for an easy to use post-operative care application and healing kit to alleviate the often-difficult transition from hospital-to-home for patients following abdominal surgery.

One of the problems identified upon speaking with Australian medical specialists was patient compliance with postoperative abdominal surgical instructions. 

To address this problem, we consulted closely with medical professionals to select the most useful products that a postoperative patient would require.

And worked with App designers and medical professionals to develop a unique, innovative easy to use App that employed engaging videos and interactive diagrams that were both educational and enjoyable to use for patients of all ages.

This Heal Better is the first of its kind on the Australian market and now attracting global attention. An effective post-operative care application to improve and help minimise complications and improve patient outcomes.

I hope it can make a positive difference in your post-operative aftercare.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Carol BrunswickTake control of your recovery

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* We recommend ordering prior to childbirth or surgery.