Pregnancy - Caesarean & Postpartum

Recommended by Physiotherapists ♥︎ Loved by Mums

The 3-in-1 Belly Band or maternity support garment is a modern-day version of an age-old tradition of supporting a woman's body during and after pregnancy. A concept used by mums-to-be for centuries and is still very common in many cultures today. 

Being a mother, it was easy to understand our customer's needs, and why it was important to develop a maternity garment that was flexible to use in pregnancy, and after childbirth.

It took many attempts and trials to make a compression fabric that can wrap around a pregnant tummy and again after childbirth, but the Original 3-in-1 Belly Band has been the overall favorite with 1000's of reviews and recommended by health professionals around the world. 

* If you are unsure of which width band you prefer, we recommended our super value packs. Twin pack or Deluxe kit giving you the flexibility of having both Pelvic and 3-in-1 on hand to suit your daily needs. 

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