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Belly Bands Story

The development of the Belly Bands products helped Carol Brunswick heal from a terrible tragedy. In 2010 her husband was taken in an accident and she was left to bring up her two young children alone. 

Carol, a computer networking engineer, dropped back to part time work after the death of her husband and in 2012, on a trip overseas Carol had a chance meeting with a woman who sold compression garments for use post surgery. Nothing like this existed in Australia at the time and she asked Carol to become an agent for Australia. 

Initially Carol was reluctant, but she agreed to take some home for people she knew might benefit; one of them being a midwife. The word spread and people contacted her to try the support belt, which inspired her to take it further. Her children were still suffering deeply from the loss of their father and Carol saw this as a way to make an income working from home so she could be there more for them.

Facing Problems

Carol was inspired as each day she would learn how belly binding was helping others, but she soon ran into problems as the compression belt had a number of inherent glitches, making it difficult for customers to achieve the support and fit required.

After sinking all her savings and time into the business, the last shipment of stock arrived from overseas and to her horror, all the sizes were wrong.

The product was unsaleable. And the company wouldn't return the stock.

Carol was broke and the only option was to give up on the business and return to her previous employment to support her family.

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I’m very grateful that you choose Belly Bands to support your needs and touched by the 1000,s of heartfelt reviews so kindly shared. 

It's a blessing to knowing we are making a difference ♥︎

Founder - Carol Brunswick

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