How Do Belly Bands Work Exactly?

How Do Belly Bands Work Exactly? - Belly Bands

You might have heard many pregnant women sing the belly band praises. After all, it’s one of the best support devices to use during pregnancy and beyond. But if you’ve never worn one before, you might be wondering ‘How do belly bands work exactly?’

Belly bands offer a whole host of benefits to pregnant women and can be worn throughout pregnancy as well as during postpartum recovery. They’re simple to use and recommended by health professionals. 

In this article, we’ll explain how belly bands work so that you can decide if a belly band is right for you. 

How do belly bands work? 

Let’s start by answering the question ‘how do belly bands work?’ A belly band is similar to a stretchy belt, that sits around your hips and supports your bump. Belly bands provide mild compression, which can help to alleviate lower back pain from pregnancy. 

A belly band helps to stabilize your pelvis and may also help to improve balance by distributing your baby’s weight more evenly over your tummy and lower back. 

The benefits of wearing a belly band 

Expectant mums everywhere love wearing belly bands for the extra support and comfort. Many women describe belly bands as like a ‘second pair of hands’ cradling their bump to help relieve pain and reduce pressure. 

Belly bands can also assist with maintaining good posture and act as support for your core and back muscles. By wearing a belly band after you give birth, you may be able to return to your pre-pregnancy body a little more easily. 

Belly bands can help to tighten belly skin after pregnancy and assist in c-section recovery. If you do have a c-section birth, a belly band can help to protect the wound site and help you recover faster. 

What’s more, wearing a belly band after giving birth can also help your organs shift back into their original places. Honestly, is there anything a belly band can’t do?

How do you wear a belly band? 

Belly bands are super versatile and can be disguised easily under your regular maternity clothing. To put your belly band on, simply wrap it against your skin at the base of your bump. Then you can get dressed as normal and no-one will know that you’re wearing a belly band! 

That being said, belly bands can also be used as a clothing extender device! If you’ve got a favourite top or skirt that doesn't quite fit over your bump, wearing a belly band can help to ensure your skin isn't exposed while you wear your favourite clothes. 

Here at Belly Bands we recognise that bumps come in all kinds of shapes and sizes which is why we offer wider belly bands that are 18 centimeters wide and narrower belly bands which are only 10 centimeters wide. This allows you to choose the perfect belly band for your unique bump.  

And if you’re wearing your belly band post c-section, you can apply any lotions or creams underneath the belly band. The belly band will ensure that the cream stays in place. 

How to choose the right sized belly band 

The flexibility of a belly band makes finding the right size a very simple process. It’s important that you purchase the correct size belly band to ensure that wearing it is comfortable and safe. 

Our belly bands come in three different sizes; petite, standard, and large. A petite belly band is 100 centimeters long and is suitable if you wear size 4-6 pants. A regular belly band is 125 centimeters long and suitable for women who wear size 8 to size 16. A large belly band is 140cm long and suitable to wear if you’re size 18 to size 24. 

If you would like a custom made belly band we are more than happy to accommodate. Simply contact us with your measurements and we will make you your very own tailored belly band! 

The right sized belly band will help you feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy and provide much needed relief from pregnancy aches and pains. 

Choose Belly Bands for extra support throughout your pregnancy

We have a range of belly bands and other maternity support garments available to purchase right here on our website. 

Our collections include; Pregnancy, Cesarean and Postpartum, Hysterectomy recovery, Abdominal hernia and Back braces, Products to assist with healing after birth and much more! Check out our collections here and get the support you need for your pregnancy and beyond.  


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