Abdominal Surgery Recovery Kit

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Post Surgery Recovery Products

The Heal Better Kit by Belly Bands is a post-abdominal surgery recovery and healing kit. recommended for all abdominal surgery procedures such as c-section, hysterectomy, and hernia repair.

Being prepared for surgery and again for recovery can make transitioning from hospital to home easier. It contains 8 essential healing items and a post-surgical recovery App.

Take charge of your recovery with confidence that your body is healing well.

With quality products to help reduce infection, ease pain, treat post-op bloating, and scar healing lessening the risk of complications such as herniation and adhesions. 

Download our free recovery app and be prepared for recovery from day one. 

The heal better kits are packaged in a beautiful box. 

✚ Heal Better Contents : 
  • Belly Band ( 3-in-1 Pregnancy, Hysterectomy & Hernia Band)
  • 10 x Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Wipes
  • Silicone Scar Sheet
  • Hot and Cold Ice pack
  • Compression Stockings
  • Scar Massage Cream
  • Natural Skin Brush
  • Gas Relief Tea
    ✔︎ Heal Better Recovery Mobile App 

    Heal Better ♥︎ Belly Bands!

    ☆ Australian Made  ☆ Health Fund Rebates  ☆ 5 Star Reviews  ☆ Ships Worldwide   

    At belly bands, we are passionate about educating and informing patients about post-op recovery.

    Working with health specialist we wanted to bridging the gab between hospital and home, which led us to built the Heal Better Mobile App. A practical resources for the aftercare of women and men following any type of abdominal surgery. Hysterectomy, Herniation, Caesarean and more.

    We hope you find it beneficial to your recovery 🤍


    About our HEAL BETTER KIT

    Pregnancy & Csection Heal Better Kit

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    Ten practical products for pregnancy, postpartum and c-section recovery. 

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