Whats Included in the Complete Maternity Bundle

A pregnant lady holding a baby shower gift by belly bands.

Includes is NIneteen Favourite Pregnancy and Postpartum Essentials:

  1. 3-in-1 Belly Band - Pregnancy, Postpartum & C-section
  2. Sacroiliac Pelvic Belt (10cm
  3. 5x Pack of Postpartum Underwear
  4. 100%Nature Stretchmark Cream
  5. Natural Skin Brush
  6. Breastfeeding Gel Pads
  7. Disposable Maternity Pant
  8. Gas and Bloating Herbal Tea
  9. Lactation Herbal Tea
  10. Nausea Relief Tea
  11. Tea Strainer
  12. Silicone Scar Gel
  13. Compression Leg Stockings
  14. Peri Bottle
  15. Hot and Cold Perineal Pack
  16. 10 x Antibacterial Wipes
  17. Anti-Slip Socks
  18. Witch Hazel Peri Spray
  19. Seat Belt Travel Pillow

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