Helene Story

Hi Carol

Firstly I would like to express how thankful I am for the belly bands recovery binder. But just in general you are a lifesaver for women like me in a world full of technology etc and yet the information about before and after hysterectomies in Australia is just not out there.

I’m sure I am not alone with my experience of firstly being confronted with the news by my gynaecologist that I had a huge fibroid in my uterus and the only one safe option is a hysterectomy because of its size. So I get told all about complications and sign various forms but what about the after care? Nothing? How can I do everything in my power to work with my body for a complete successful outcome? What happens to my body after the operation? What products are available to me? Where do I go? etc, etc.

All I get and this is in a private hospital I might add, a physiotherapist visiting me on behalf of the hospital on day 2 when I am still recovering, in shock, drowsy, in pain, etc explain to me how important my pelvic floor muscles are (well ok yes they probably are but hang on a minute what about dealing with the right now, how do I support my wound?), oh the physiotherapist did say if I need to cough or sneeze put a pillow or a wrapped up towel up against my stomach as support, that’s it?

I come home bewildered and so frightened that I am going to rupture something and end up right back in the hospital as a consequence, that all I want to do is curl up in bed, stay there and protect my stomach. So after a couple of days at home and feeling a bit courageous I enter the wide world of the internet in search of answers and thank goodness I ended up on your website! The rest is history I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you and the belly band products. As soon as I put the hysterectomy recovery binder on my stomach, my whole perspective changed I felt so secure, supported and exactly what I instinctively was looking for because ironically enough the first few days when I was home I was trying to wrap a towel folded lengthwise around my stomach area and trying to keep it there just to feel some sort of support.

I truly believe all gynaecologist offices should supply all women at their appointment, who are about to have a hysterectomy with an information package full of brochures, business cards, websites, any sort of printed form of all available information relevant to explaining the before, during and after hysterectomy products available and this package is given to us prior to the day of operation.

Thank you Carol for the wonderful product.

Kind regards

Helene Brennan