Nina story

Case Study 1

Hi Carol,

Firstly I want to say a massive THANK YOU! You have no idea how the belly band support  has turned around my recovery, it’s been absolutely amazing.

I had an abdominal myomectomy to remove a large fibroid that was too big for keyhole surgery. It was the first surgery, general anaesthetic and hospital stay that I’d ever had (at age 42) and I was terrified.  I was staying in a private hospital and so I trusted that I’d be looked after at the highest level of care. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I had the operation late Friday afternoon and was expected to leave the hospital on Sunday morning. On Saturday I was expected to be up and walking around etc. I had to push to stay another night as I was just nowhere near ready to leave on the Sunday.  I kept asking questions about how I was to care for the incision wound and my abdominal/pelvic muscles for optimal recovery and was told “your surgeon will tell you” and when I asked him was told “the hospital will tell you.” I had two brief visits by the physio whilst I was still reeling from the anaesthetic and pain relief medications as well as the shock of it all – and I could not retain the information they told me. I was not given any written information on what to do/what not to do after surgery and how to best care for my body post-op.

On returning home I was in agony and couldn’t even pull myself out of bed and could only sleep on my back, leaving me stiff and with swollen ankles. Miserable, exhausted and in pain I took to Google. I had to google everything from how to take care of the incision wound, to how could I support my tummy. The hospital had told me to hold a towel or cushion over my tummy when walking – which meant I only had one hand free and couldn’t even do the simplest of daily tasks. Thank GOODNESS I found your website! I couldn’t wait to call you and when you said you would come to me as I lived close by, and I couldn’t walk or drive, I felt so blessed and relieved. The minute you put the band on me I felt relief.

I’ve been wearing the band constantly now for 6 days and my recovery has been on fast forward. The first night I could actually sleep on my side without feeling like my insides were going to fall out! The support that the band gives to the abdominal and pelvic muscles feels incredible. The next day I could walk without pain, and perform simple tasks. When I take the band off my tummy actually feels near to normal again, although I’ve taken it easy with having a break from lifting anything and driving, and will give that a few more weeks.

Without the abdominal band I dread to think where I’d be at. I believe that all gynaecologists, gynaecological surgeons, GP’s and physiotherapists need to know and inform their patients about this product for women post-hysterectomy, post-myomectomy and any other abdominal surgery for that matter!

Thanks again Carol for your support and compassion and for getting this incredible product out there!

Nina Stephenson