Our Story - New 2019

Belly Bands was founded almost a decade ago by Carol Brunswick. As a mother of two wonderful children herself, Carol recognised the valid need and significant benefits of an adaptable, flexible support belt to assist mothers through pregnancy, postpartum and surgical recovery.

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Carol first began distributing pregnancy and surgery compression belts in 2016. Discovering numerous shortcomings of the products available, she began developing her own design, inspired by her experience as a mother and the feedback of clients, friends and medical professionals.

Handcrafted for an acquaintance suffering and immobile after abdominal surgery, what her first Belly Band may possibly have lacked in professionalism, it more than made up for in its almost faultless effectiveness. It was a resounding success, assisting her client to both heal more quickly and rapidly regain her former mobility.

Encouraged by this exceptional outcome, Carol officially launched Belly Bands in 2011, first continuing to handmake every item herself before expanding to a small factory on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Retaining this personal quality, attention to detail and unique design, every Belly Band is expertly manufactured by hand right here in Australia. The webbed, elasticated fabric enables the product to expand and adapt to the contours of your changing body without diminishing comfort or effectiveness.

Since Carol’s first handmade prototype to today’s professionally produced garment, Belly Bands have expanded and grown to become an award winning manufacturer. Leading the way in maternity support and post-surgery recovery with products, education and innovative technology.

Thank you for supporting Australian Made! 


Every women deserves the right to a clean and safe childbirth.Belly Bands donates a $5 Birthing Kit for each Heal Better pack sold. 

Together we can make a difference ♥︎  

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