Belly BandsSize Guide


Finding the perfect size and fit is easy with our fully customisable Belly Bands. This is made possible by our unique elastic fabric and the careful hand-splitting process of each belly band.

If our standard sizes do not meet your needs, we can tailor-make a product exclusively for you ♡

How To Choose Your Size:

Simply use your current clothing size against the size chart. *Do adjust for weight gain if ordering early in pregnancy.

*We allow 15 cm for overlap in band length

Custom Orders:

Contact us with your due date (if pregnant) and the measurements of your hips  and tummy (as seen below). Typically, we aim to get custom garments completed within 24 /48 hours.


Disclaimer! As women come in different sizes and shapes, especially when pregnant, we cannot guarantee the same experience for each person who uses our products. Due to the need for the velcro to secure anywhere on the fabric, the fabric can pull or become fluffy with use, but still function if fabric is not over stretched.