Antibacterial Wipes

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Belly bands,alcohol-free antibacterial wipes are one of the basic but important products in our Heal Better range for post-surgery recovery.

Statistics show that infection is the most common cause of complications after surgery.

One simple way to avoid this is by washing your hands and using an antibacterial solution before touching or changing the dressing. (Download our Free Pos-Op App)

These individually wrapped wipes are convenient for post-op patients and new mothers to help keep their hands free from germs while tending to themselves and their newborns.

Pop in your maternity/hospital bag or simply keep in your purse and car as a way to sanitize your hands when out and about.

✅ 20 x Alcohol-free antibacterial wipes

✅ Individually wrapped for convenience

✅ Ideal for post-surgery, maternity, and more

    Antibacterial Solution : 0.5 % Cetrimide - 0.2% Chlorhexidine Acetate

    Heal Better ♥︎ Belly Bands!
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    This item is included in the value bundle Heal Better Kit


    Belly Bands are a popular high demand item, and can sell out quickly.

    We do offer a pre-order service, however we recommend  ordering prior to childbirth and surgery to ensure availability.