Maternity Essentials- From Tops To Bottoms

Maternity Essentials- From Tops To Bottoms - Belly Bands
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Every expecting mum should make space for a few essentials in her closet

While a whole new you doesn’t necessarily mean a completely renewed wardrobe, every expecting mum should make space for a few essentials in her closet. Make sure you stock the following essentials with you to have a comfortable pregnancy experience:


Typically maternity underpants used to be more ‘granny’ than sexy. They were wide all around with more than enough room for an ever expanding belly and they definitely weren’t something you would see on a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Thankfully, today there are plenty of maternity fashion companies that realize today’s mums don’t really like wearing granny panties.

These days you can make a statement with adorable underpants, bikinis and even thongs. Stick with your favourite brand and type of underpants; just buy them in larger sizes. Also make sure that you have a variety of pairs as all the vaginal discharges may have your changing your underpants more than often.


By the end of the first trimester, your breasts may already be significantly larger than you first conceived, and possibly larger than you could have ever conceived. And they keep getting bigger, at least that’s the way it will sometimes seem. For those who have been previously cup-challenged, this growth can come as welcoming; however, for others this can add another level of discomfort.

In such a case, spots bras come in handy since they offer both support and comfort. You can use them not just to exercise but to sleep in if your breasts become extra-unwieldy. Camisoles with built-in bras are also a good clothing choice - they look cute peeking out of a blouse and they are sexy!


Sometimes there is nothing more pleasing than slipping into a comfortable skirt or dress. Since these clothes allow for ample air circulation during pregnancy, there is nothing cooler either. Maternity dresses come with the same waistline options as pants – low-rise and drawstrings. Many skirts also come with expandable elastic seams so you can wear them right until the day you deliver.

Pregnancy Support Belts

This is by far the most important one on this list! Pregnancy support belts wrap around your body without placing much compression, leaving ample space for the baby to grow. While you are rocking a skirt on top, these belts wrap around your bump to help reduce lower back pain, sciatic pain and stretch marks. They are also comfortable enough to be worn all day without anyone noticing.

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