Sacroiliac Belt

Are you suffering from back or pelvic pain during your pregnancy?

If so, you’ll benefit from wearing a specially designed sacroiliac support belt from leading maternity compression wear brand, Belly Bands. Our maternity sacroiliac belt offers a safe and effective way to reduce the back and associated pelvic pain you feel during pregnancy.

Known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) this can range from a minor ache or feeling of discomfort to a consistent intense sensation that makes walking and carrying out other daily activities extremely difficult.

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How a sacroiliac support belt can make your pregnancy more comfortable

This instability in the pelvic area occurs due to changes in the hormones in your body. Relaxin, the hormone that initiates the widening of your pelvis to prepare for labour, is released too early causing the pelvis to become unstable and cause pain and discomfort.

By wearing a maternity sacroiliac pelvic support belt, you’ll have extra support around your pelvis, spine and abdominal muscles, which will both reduce the amount of pain you feel and give you the confidence you need to keep mobile during your pregnancy.

It’s the perfect solution to relieve the lower back pain and pelvic discomfort associated with pregnancy, provide pelvis stability and reduce the pain of sciatica, which all helps to improve your overall posture.

Wearing your maternity sacroiliac belt

The sacroiliac belts from Belly Bands are manufactured from a high-grade cotton, Spandex and polyester mix fabric without any ridges, seams or latex, making them comfortable and non-irritating to wear.

The 10cm wide bands are adjustable, and able to contour seamlessly around most body types and sizes to accommodate expanding or shrinking tummies and to give you the perfect fit that you need to provide stability.

Simply wrap the belt around your body, adjust to fit, and secure it with the Velcro fastening.

Order the best sacroiliac belt online from Belly Bands

Of course, you don’t have to be pregnant to take advantage of the support given by our sacroiliac belt. However, if you are pregnant, it’s advisable to speak to your doctor first. Once you get the go-ahead, ordering your sacroiliac belt online is easy with Belly Bands.

We offer worldwide delivery with free shipping on all our sacroiliac, maternity and hernia belts; plus, if you live in Australia, you’ll qualify for health fund rebates too.

Have any questions about Belly Bands sacroiliac belts?

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