Abdominal Hernia Belt

Hernia Support Belt | Back Brace | Post-op Binder

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While many of you may have heard of Belly Bands as the manufacturer of maternity and postpartum compression wear, did you know that we also manufacture the best hernia belt on the market today?

Made in the same way as our world-famous Belly Bands maternity belts, our hernia girdle is designed to both aid recovery from hernia surgery by supporting the wound, or to provide compression for a protruding abdominal hernia.

But more than that, our hernia support belt also provides the all-important support needed by your spine, pelvis and abdominal muscles too.

Reduce post-operative pain with a Belly Bands hernia support belt

One reason why hernia sufferers recommend the Belly Bands hernia support band is all down to its ability to reduce the post-operative pain following hernia surgery, or indeed any kind of abdominal or spinal surgery.

Through thoughtful and careful design, we offer a support belt that’s not only comfortable to wear, but that promotes faster healing too. This means that you’ll be back to your normal day-to-day activities as quickly as possible post-surgery.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the best hernia support belt on the market

If you’ve ever experienced any kind of abdominal surgery, you’ll already know how uncomfortable recovery can be.

At Belly Bands, we want to reduce the amount of discomfort, and that’s why there’s no ridged edges or boning in our hernia belly bands; just a flexible, comfortable band that’s easy to wrap around the contours of YOUR body, while applying just enough compression on the wound or weak spot to ensure that your hernia doesn’t protrude or get worse.

Physiotherapist recommended hernia belts for both men and women

Our hernia belts are suitable for both men and women, and provide instant relief from hernia pain, or the post-operative pain experienced following surgery.

When you’re wearing a Belly Bands hernia support, you’ll not only have reduced pain, but you’ll also gain the confidence you need to tackle your day-to-day task, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your body is well supported and comfortable.

Order your hernia band now for worldwide shipping

Wherever you are in the world, our hernia bands can be shipped worldwide, so you can experience the relief a Belly Bands hernia belt can bring. They’re the ideal solution for pain management and to aid and encourage mobility following hernia surgery.

Our hernia belts not only support a protruding hernia, but they also lessen back pain, support cut muscles, decrease wound pain, and lessen post-operative bloating too. Which all means that you’ll heal and recover faster from surgery. So, don’t forget to pack your hernia belt before you go to hospital.

Do you have any questions about the Belly Bands hernia belt?

Belly Bands also offers specially designed Pregnancy Belt, Post Pregnancy Band, Postpartum Band, Sacroiliac Belt, Hysterectomy Girdle & Maternity Belt for pregnant ladies to support & reduce back pain during pregnancy. If you have any questions about our maternity compression products, call customer support on (07) 5442 1787 or complete our online contact form and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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