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Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band

Size Guide

3-in-1 Pregnancy Support Band!

Support bands for pregnancy and C-section recovery are tailored to promote faster healing, reduce pain during pregnancy and to enhance mobility. The compression factor even affects the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down. 

Physiotherapists recommend Belly Bands to pregnant women for specific conditions such as pelvic instability, lower back pain and to support abdominal muscle separation during and post-pregnancy.

Research shows that the use of an elasticized abdominal binder after major abdominal surgery such as C-sections, can enhance the speed of postoperative recovery of walk performance and significantly reduce pain.

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    • Physiotherapists recommend Belly Bands for pain management and to aid and encourage mobility whilst supporting the spine, pelvis and abdominal muscles during pregnancy and post-surgery.     

      ✚ Health Benefits:
      • Reduce Lower Back Pain
      • Decrease muscle separation
      • Shrink uterus quicker
      • Binds post-baby tummy for support
      • Supports cut muscles
      • Decrease pain from wound/incision
      • Lessen post-op bloating
      • Assists healing and & faster recovery 

      Tip: Take your Maternity Support Band to the hospital as many women start using it within the first 36 hours after childbirth/surgery. 

    • Wear the Belly Band after C-Section delivery  


      You will be encouraged to walk as soon as possible after surgery to improve blood flow, enhance wound healing and reduce constipation and gas pain. Wearing our non-invasive Belly Band makes walking much easier and less painful by supporting the cut abdominal muscles and wound. It also helps to reduce post-op bloating and allows you to feel secure, confident and free to use both hands as you care for your new baby and return to daily activities.

      Disclaimer: Belly Bands products and information is to be used in conjunction with doctors’ care and does not substitute medical advice.

    • Do you have retail stores?

        No, Belly Bands are either recommended by health specialist or can be purchased directly from our web store. With easy sizing, exclusive low prices that include all duties & taxes, plus secure online shopping.
        Tip! Order in advance of any upcoming surgery to ensure stock availability.

      What size do I need?

        Belly Bands are available in 2 sizes;
        • Standard - (28-36" or AUS 6-16)
        • Large - (36-46" or AUS 16-22).
        Use your current clothing size as a guide and adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in pregnancy.

      Do I need more than one band?

        No, the 3-in-1 Pregnancy Support Band is designed to cater for all your maternity needs, with the one band performing the role of three; pregnancy, post-childbirth and C-section recovery.

      When should I wear?

        Use the Pregnancy support band anytime during pregnancy and once you have the okay from your doctor post-childbirth/surgery, wear it as soon as it’s comfortable to do so.

        For best results, continue to wear for 8-12 weeks postpartum.

        Tip! Remove the belt if it’s uncomfortable to wear while sitting, or if pain persists consult your doctor

      How do I put on the belly band?

        Simply wrap the belt around the torso and fasten with Velcro. The Pregnancy Support Band combines high grade fabric with seamless technology and adjustable compression for abdominal muscles, pelvis and lower back.

      Does the Band contain Latex?

        No, our products do not contain latex. Material: 70% Cotton, 25% Spandex, 5% Polyester

. Hand wash in warm water.

      Where is the Belly Band made?

        We make Belly Bands in Australia where we have complete control over quality.

      Do You Ship International?

        Yes, Belly bands are sold worldwide, with fast shipping dispatched directly from our warehouses in; AUS, USA, UK, EUROPE & UAE

      Do You Refund or Exchange?

        Yes, however do choose carefully because due to health regulations we can only provide a refund or exchange on un-opened goods unless they are faulty or damaged.

      Can I claim Belly Bands on my health fund?

        Yes, Belly Bands are officially registered and approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia and can be claimed by some health funds 

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    Size Guide

    Use current clothing size - adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in your pregnancy. 


     Sizing Guide


    Clothing Size


    Waist Size


    AU 6-16

    UK 6-16

    USA 2 -12 


    AU 32 - 36

    UK 32 - 36

    USA 32 - 36



    AU 16 - 22 

    UK 16 - 22 

    USA 16 - 22



    AU 36 - 44

    UK 36 - 44

    USA 36 - 44


    *Tip! Sizes 20+ please check that the 18cm width will provide enough coverage for your individual body needs.