Compression Stockings During Pregnancy

Compression Stockings During Pregnancy - Belly Bands

Many moms-to-be experience crampy legs and achy feet while pregnant. These symptoms can come hand in hand with edema, which happens when excess fluids get trapped in your body tissues. Edema can cause swelling and some degree of discomfort in your lower limbs. However, this condition is entirely normal and perhaps a lot more common than some might think. 

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Swelling on your legs, ankles, and feet usually happens during the third trimester. The 27th week of pregnancy is when the bump typically starts getting heavier. If you want to relieve the symptoms — and prevent varicose veins in the process — invest in a nice pair of knee-high compression stockings. Here's all you need to know about this maternity staple. 

Compression Stockings: An All-Time Mom-to-Be Favourite

Water and other body fluids significantly increase during pregnancy. That's why about 75% of expecting moms experience swelling at some point. Up to 35% of them will also develop varicose veins. Wearing compression stockings might noticeably reduce the symptoms of both these conditions. Pregnant women and new moms across the globe swear by these maternity essentials. 

Compression stockings gently —but firmly— squeeze and massage the leg muscles. By stimulating blood and fluid circulation, they help all liquids move upwards. Consistent use will remarkably relieve cramping and swelling. Besides, it will help you prevent potentially life-threatening conditions like deep vein thrombosis

Compression Stockings During Pregnancy

The fast relief they produce makes it almost impossible for pregnant women to forget to put on their compression stockings daily. They're true miracle workers, but they can be more effective if moms:

  • Put them on at the beginning of the day.
  • Wear them for as long as they feel comfortable.
  • Don't wear them to bed unless advised to by a doctor.

Following these basic instructions will make a noticeable difference in edema symptoms. Consistency is key to experience all the benefits compression stockings can provide.

Compression Stockings After Pregnancy

Although swelling, cramping, and lower-extremity pain will most likely go away once the baby arrives, varicose veins may linger. Keeping a pair of compression stockings handy can help reduce the appearance of these dreaded pregnancy souvenirs. 

Doctors and midwives commonly prescribe compression stockings for women who deliver via caesarean section. Wearing these maternity staples day and night is imperative in this case. The goal is to prevent blood clots in women who are at risk for thrombosis. It's important for these new moms to follow medical advice thoroughly. However, their use should be discontinued if the stockings squeeze too tight. 

Cramps and Swelling: Be Gone!

Leg discomfort in advance pregnancies is natural and absolutely expected. However, you don't need to suffer through your third trimester. While it's true it'll all be worth it once your little bundle of joy arrives, you should be able to enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy with less discomfort.

If you're about to go into the seventh month of your pregnancy or are experiencing lower-limb pain and swelling, consider getting yourself a comfy pair of compression stockings. Visit Belly Bands and gear yourself up with this and more maternity and pregnancy support products that will make this beautiful stage in your life much easier! 


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