Top 5 Tips To Improve your Hysterectomy Recovery

Top 5 Tips To Improve your Hysterectomy Recovery - Belly Bands


If you’re scheduled to have a hysterectomy soon, you might be wondering how you can improve hysterectomy recovery. 

Hysterectomies are one of the most common non-pregnancy related surgeries for women. A hysterectomy involves removing the uterus, cervix, and in some cases the ovaries and fallopian tubes as well.  

If you suffer from heavy vaginal bleeding, chronic pain in your pelvis, or endometriosis, your doctor may recommend getting a hysterectomy. Cancer or precancer of the cervix is another common reason women get hysterectomies. 

Hysterectomies are an incredibly effective solution to a range of pelvic issues. That being said, hysterectomies result in permanent changes to your ability to reproduce, and are usually only prescribed by doctors when less-invasive options have been tried without success. 

It’s also true that additional conditions such as bladder and urinary issues or pelvic floor weakness can be affected by a hysterectomy, but more often than not a hysterectomy results in an improvement of your body’s function.

We recommend ordering a hysterectomy belly support band prior to your surgery, as this is the most effective way to reduce pain and improve hysterectomy recovery post operation. You can also wear it prior to your surgery as well. This is because applying compression can be helpful in managing flare-ups of endometriosis or other abdominal pain.

Now with all that said, here are five tips to help improve hysterectomy recovery. 

Eat healthily, drink water, and rest 

Your body needs time and support to help improve hysterectomy recovery. It’s important to get plenty of rest, but be sure to incorporate some gentle movement into your daily routine too. Gentle exercise like walking helps to reduce the chance of a blood clot forming. 

Eating plenty of fresh suits and vegetables and ensuring your body stays hydrated is another way to help improve hysterectomy recovery. 

Take care of the wound site 

After your surgery you will be at risk for bacterial infection around your incision site. Your doctor should give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your wound to help prevent infection. 

Another supportive measure is to wear a hysterectomy belly support band. Using an abdominal binder after surgery is the first defense in keeping your incision protected and stable especially in the first six weeks of recovery.

It is most helpful in reducing post-op pain, managing post-op gas, and preventing an incisional hernia from developing after surgery.Another bonus is many women wear the belly band pre-surgery, as applying compression can be helpful in managing flare-ups of endometriosis or other abdominal pain.

Sexual intercourse is off the table 

At least for the first six weeks post operation! To help improve hysterectomy recovery, you’ll need to avoid having intercourse until you’re cleared by your doctor. This is because damage to your body can occur both internally and externally. Having sex while you’re healing also increases the chances of getting an infection at the incision site. 

Avoid lifting anything heavy 

This includes housework, weight lifting and even carrying your child. In order to improve hysterectomy recovery, it’s important your body doesn’t have any added pressure as it is healing. 

Don’t add extra strain to your incision site. It’s best to avoid any strenuous exercise or housework while recovering from a hysterectomy. 

Give yourself some extra self-care while riding out the hormonal changes 

If your ovaries have been removed during your hysterectomy surgery, you will be induced into menopause. With menopause comes hot flushes, mood swings, sleeplessness, and other fun (not!) effects. 

Talk to your doctor if you feel that you need some extra support to help you manage your symptoms. Give yourself and your body some extra love and care as you move through this process and know that it will pass eventually! 

Invest in a hysterectomy belly support band to improve hysterectomy recovery 

A Hysterectomy Belly Band is an abdominal post-op girdle, used by women after laparoscopic and open-cut surgery. 

But many women also wear the belly band pre-surgery, as applying compression can be helpful in managing flare-ups of endometriosis or other abdominal pain. We recommend ordering your hysterectomy belly support band prior to your surgery so you can take it with you to the hospital. 

What else can the Hysterectomy Belly Band be used for?

  • Hysterectomy
  • Endometriosis
  • Hernia Repair
  • Appendectomies
  • Cholecystectomies and other related procedures.

If you’re interested in learning more about our award winning hysterectomy belly support band, you can find out more and order yours here


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