10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy - Belly Bands

While pregnancy even sounds overwhelming to some women, it can be a wonderful experience if you take care of yourself. Coupled with good physical and emotional support, you can make your way through pregnancy easily.

You also have access to a wide variety of products like belly wraps and belts that can help provide ample support for your baby bump.

Increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy by following these sensible steps to keep yourself in top condition:

1.Nutrition is the key to staying fit. Ask a friend or your partner to help plan out five to six meals everyday that include a good dose of vegetables.

2.Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Try avoiding artificial coloring or caffeinated drinks at all.

3.Take a prenatal vitamin as directed by your midwife or obstetrician.

4.Avoid drinking alcohol.

5.Avoid smoking at all. Also ensure that you don’t expose yourself to secondhand smoke.

6.Get adequate sleep. Sleeping at least eight is essential to promote healthy fetal development.

7.Perform light exercises. Exercise is not just important for your general health; it can also help reduce stress and maintain healthy hormonal levels. If you are unsure where to start, take a pregnancy exercise class or walk at least 15 minutes a day at a moderate pace. Remember to walk in shaded, cool areas to avoid overheating.

8.Wear a belly band and safety belt when riding in motor vehicles. The shoulder portion of the restraint should be positioned over the collar bones and the lap portion should be placed as low under the abdomen as possible. Never place it above the abdomen. Try sitting in the back seat or as far away from the airbag as possible.

9.Wear comfortable, non-restricting shoes. Put your feet up frequently throughout the day to prevent swelling of feet and fatigue.

10.Never take any herbal or over-the-counter medication without consulting your health care provider.

Stick to these tips and you will make it through the journey a lot more easily. There are a number of pregnancy products in our collection that can assist you.

Check out Belly Band’s Made in Australia, these bands are designed to reduce lower back pain, stretch marks, and are comfortable enough to be worn all day!

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  • Java Kasis on

    Very useful tips for expecting moms to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. My gynaecologist recommended em to eat lots of fruits and vegetable. Thanks for sharing this info.

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