Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Choosing A Post-Delivery Belly Band

Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Choosing A Post-Delivery Belly Band - Belly Bands

Looking after yourself post-delivery is an important part of pregnancy and birth, but it is commonly overlooked. Mothers who fail to take care of themselves after childbirth commonly suffer body aches, low self-confidence, and more than often, depression.

Majority of obstetricians and midwifes agree that wrapping the belly post-delivery helps assist in the recovery process. Here are merely a few reasons why wearing a post-pregnancy belly band is important:

  • It aids in cutting down bloating caused by water retention
  • It minimizes swelling
  • It accelerates the healing process
  • It helps minimize stretch marks
  • It plays a key role in repositioning the uterus
  • It also assists in the healing of Diastasis Recti

However, simply wearing a post-pregnancy belly band is not enough; you need to do it the right way. Avoid making these mistakes with belly bands and you will potentially speed up the recovery process: 

Wearing incorrectly

A post-pregnancy belly band should be supportive and comfortable without any impact on circulation or breathing. When fitted correctly, the wrap should sit just above the pubic bone and extend to your lower rib.

Our range of belly bands has been designed keeping women who are in the post natal process in mind. All materials used are 100% non-allergenic high quality.

Not wearing long enough

Remember that the period immediately following childbirth is crucial for a confident and healthy transition into motherhood. Traditionally, post-pregnancy belly wrapping is done anywhere between a week up to several months.

For the best results, we advise you wear a belly band around your waist all the time, for 4-6 weeks and only take it off before bathing.

Selecting the wrong size

Each woman is different. How your body changes in size, shape and weight during this time will influence your post-pregnancy body.

To get the best results from your post-pregnancy band, it is important that you select the correct size. This will also help minimize the risks of effects on breathing and circulation.

Wearing a post-natal belly band plays a key role in helping reduce the uterus, support lower back and internal organs, while encouraging muscle memory (motor learning) - the belly bands in our collection are designed to do just that!

Made with a soft cotton outer layer and elastic inner they provide the best support for the lower abdomen. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our products.


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