Are belly bands safe to wear during pregnancy?

Are belly bands safe to wear during pregnancy? - Belly Bands

Many pregnant women wear belly bands or maternity belts throughout their pregnancies and well after giving birth too. This is because belly bands provide a whole host of great benefits like less pain, more support and to help pregnant women continue to exercise. 

But of course, the safety of your growing baby trumps any temporary discomfort you might be feeling during pregnancy. So you might be wondering, are belly bands safe to wear during pregnancy? 

In this article, we’ll answer that question and more. 

Benefits of wearing a belly band during pregnancy

Wearing a belly band during pregnancy comes with a heap of upsides. The biggest benefit being the alleviation of aches and pains. It’s quite common for pregnant women to experience back pain and pelvis pain as the ligaments in the body start to soften and stretch in preparation for childbirth. 

A belly band or maternity belt provides mild compression to the lower back and tummy area, helping to relieve pain when you’re uncomfortable. 

But that’s not all the belly band can do, wearing one also comes along with these great benefits; 

  • Better posture -  Belly bands even out your center of gravity by helping to stabilize your tummy and lower back. This leads to better posture and prevents you from leaning forward due to a lower center of gravity. 
  • Less pressure on your bladder - Belly bands help to lift your tummy and take the weight of the baby off your bladder, helping to relieve pressure. 
  • Less risk of a fall - Belly bands help to stabilize your pelvis and improve your posture, meaning you’re less likely to suffer a fall while pregnant. 
  • Not as much leg swelling - The weight of your baby can cause lower back and leg strain. But by wearing a belly band, the weight of your baby will be more evenly distributed, helping to decrease leg swelling and strain. 
  • Exercise more easily - Wearing a belly band makes it more comfortable to jog or walk, particularly during the later stages of pregnancy. 
  • May help to prevent preterm contractions - Belly bands reduce the overall stress on your body which may help to prevent preterm contractions. 
  • Reduce pain caused by sciatica - The ligaments in your hip joints loosen during pregnancy, causing pain. Belly bands help to reduce this pain by distributing your baby’s weight more evenly.  

All sounds pretty good hey? But not every belly band is created equally. That’s why it’s only natural to wonder whether wearing a belly band during pregnancy is safe for your growing baby. 

Risks of wearing a belly band during pregnancy

On the whole, wearing a belly band while pregnant is perfectly safe for your baby. However, it would be remiss of us not to add a disclaimer or two. 

No matter what your reason is for wearing a belly band or maternity belt, it’s important not to wear it for more than a few hours at a time. You want to make sure your blood is flowing freely around your body and not over compressed. Relying on a belly band too much and for too long can promote overdependence and weaken your muscles over time. This isn’t so much a problem for your baby but for you as the mother! 

It’s important to focus on core strengthening exercises during pregnancy and after giving birth. While it’s perfectly safe to wear a belly band in conjunction with a core strengthening routine, a belly band cannot replace core strengthening exercises. 

Finally, it’s always good practice to consult your primary care provider before wearing a belly band or maternity belt. 

Choose your belly band carefully 

While belly bands are generally considered safe to wear during pregnancy, not all belly bands are created equally. Cheap, inferior products that are not TGA approved carry significantly higher risk. 

That’s why before you invest in a belly band it’s a good idea to check out the supplier and ensure you're buying from a reputable company. You’ll want to make sure your belly band is TGA approved, recommended by health professionals and that medical rebates are available on your purchase. 

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