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The Belly Band is a compression garment designed for mums-to-be and post-op patients as a tool to help manage pain and enhance recovery. 

Available in 2 widths & colours.

18cm wide Belly Band suitable for;

Pregnancy & c-section 3-in-1 band (use during pregnancy, postpartum and c-section recovery). And for Hysterectomy & Hernia support.

10cm wide suitable for;

Maternity sacroiliac pelvic belt -  suitable when a narrow band is preferred and worn around the hips to help easy pelvic pain.

* Most customers only need to ever purchase one band but do keep in mind the durability of the garment will depend on the type of use it gets. 

Yes, Belly Bands are available to purchase from some medical clinics and hospitals. Find Stockist

Tip! Our supply priorities are to medical clinics and we recommend ordering in advance of any upcoming surgery to ensure product availability.

Yes, can ship to most places around the world with very competitive shipping prices.!

Our team strive to have your order processed the same day when possible. Once your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipped order.

Yes, occasionally we have a sale or offer Free Shipping offer.

We understand everyone enjoys a bargain, however as our company continues to grow, we believe in passing this savings back onto our customers by lowering our every day prices. We have reduced the cost of the Belly Bands by 40% over the past few years making it affordable for everyone, whilst maintaing a quality Australian made product.

Our sizing is flexible and you may use your current clothing size as a guide -do adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in pregnancy.

STANDARD - (AU 6-16) (Uk 6-16) (USA 2-12)

LARGE - (AU 16-22) (Uk 6-22) (USA 12-18)

Tip! Larger sizes should check that 18cm width is wide enough to provide coverage and support. 

* We make our products in Australia and this allows us to custom make a special size if required.

Use the maternity band anytime during pregnancy or whenever you need abdominal or spinal support.

Once you have the okay from your doctor following childbirth or surgery, we recommend wearing as soon its comfortable to do so.

For best results,  continue to wear for at least 8-12 weeks

The flexibility of the Belly band allows it to be worn comfortably while reducing pain as you go about daily physical activities, however if wearing a compression band is uncomfortable while sitting or sleeping, don't worry you have not done anything wrong!

This is just the nature of wearing any compression garment around our torso, as when we sit or bend our body shape naturally spreads out and for some may feel uncomfortable to wear in these positions.

Tip! You can try wearing it lower down the hips or loosening the straps otherwise it is completely ok to remove while sitting or sleeping.

The function of the belly band is to provide compression and support, to achieve this the fabric has to be of a certain grade.

We have developed a garment that is flexible enough to contour to most body shapes making it easier to hide under most no tight fitting clothing.

However if you are concerned that the garment may be to bulky or too hot for you, then we suggest using the 10cm wide belly bands instead.

No, The function of a compression band is to provide support that can relieve pain and discomfort so that you may go about daily activities easier.

Tip:  If wearing the compression belly band causes you pain, adjust so that it fits snug but not too tight.

‚ĚóÔłŹIf pain persists please discontinue use and consult your doctor to address the cause of the pain.

No, our products do not contain latex. But we do suggest to wear over a tight top for sensitive skin.

Material: 70% Cotton, 25% Spandex, 5% Polyester

Yes, Belly Bands are officially registered and approved by the Therapeutic Good Administration of Australia and FDA of America and can be claimed by some health funds -

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Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that can form as the body begins to heal after surgery, if the scar tissue joins two internal body surfaces that are not normally connected and prevent these organs from moving freely they can lead to chronic pain, bowel construction, infertility and more

In most cases, abdominal adhesions are not problematic but specialists recommend massaging the scar area as a way to break up scar tissue.

Belly bands highly encourage all our customers both men and women to be proactive in their recovery and to talk to your health specialist regarding the long-term prevention of post surgery adhesions. For old or painful scars seek treatment from a trained professional.

*Curtesy of Intuitive Hands Physiotherapy. How to massage your abdominal/ c-section scars in less than 5 min a day.

Watch Scar Care Video

We make Belly Bands in Australia where we have complete control over quality. 

Hand wash in warm water - hang to dry.

You may return any unopened Belly Band product within 28 days of purchase!

‚ú∂ The Belly Band is a registered TGA medical device. They are worn, against the skin and in the hospital on post-operative wounds. Therefore we have to abide by health and safety standards of personal hygiene products (similar to underwear). And unable to provide a refund or exchange on open or worn garments.

Read our Returns Policy >>

Working for a better patient outcome.

Belly Bands provide discount prices to health professional, clinics and hospitals across Australia and International.

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We value our customers and our team is happy to assist all customers and medical professionals with any questions or order queries.

We are available via:

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Size Guide

Use current clothing size - adjust for pregnancy gain if ordering early in your pregnancy. 


 Sizing Guide


Clothing Size


Waist Size


AU 6-16

UK 6-16

USA 2 -12 


AU 32 - 36

UK 32 - 36

USA 32 - 36



AU 16 - 22 

UK 16 - 22 

USA 16 - 22



AU 36 - 44

UK 36 - 44

USA 36 - 44


For Large sizes, check the 18cm width is wide enough to provide coverage and correct fit for your body shape.
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