4 Post-Pregnancy Must Haves For The Modern Mummy!

4 Post-Pregnancy Must Haves For The Modern Mummy! - Belly Bands
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Add these to your shopping list to take better care of yourself, postpartum.

Mums-to-be get nine months to fill out their gift registries. And they still forget to list things they might need for themselves because it’s all about the brand new baby!

Here we have a quick list of things that every mum should pack in their hospital bags and have a ready stock at home as well. Add these to your shopping list to take better care of yourself, postpartum.

Nursing Pads: A Breastfeeding Essential

If you’ll be breastfeeding, know that the first few days will be a hit or miss. No one can exactly tell when the milk will come in, and some women even start to produce milk a few weeks before the baby is born. And that means leaking milk at the most inopportune times.

Nursing pads help keep you dry and absorb whatever leakage may occur. You can also use them at night or when going out to ensure an embarrassment-free outing. Check out our Single-Use Breastfeeding Nursing Pads. You might also need to buy Lanolin to soothe sore nipples after a feeding session.

Belly Bands: Shapeshifting Shapewear

If you are anxious about your unappealing belly and want to get back in shape as soon as possible, it is wise to invest in an abdominal binder. These work alongside a healthy diet and exercise routine to get you back to the pre-pregnancy shape. But be realistic about the results; don’t expect to get back in the skinny jeans this week, or even this year! You body has been through a lot, so let it recuperate in its own time. Check out our tummy-taming, slimming and Belly Bands for support and comfort as you recover from vaginal and C-section births!


Urinary incontinence is a possibility in pregnancy due to the additional pressure on your pelvic floor muscles which have to hold up your growing uterus. Also, new moms can bleed for up to 6 weeks after childbirth even after a C-section. Keep a ready supply of maternity hospital pants and maxi pads to feel clean and cared for when you get home. The hospital will provide you with these for your stay over there. Our washable hospital pants are designed to hold maternity pad in place and are big enough to provide a comfortable fit and breathable space for your scars.

Cooling Pads: Relief from Discomfort

Perineal cooling pads simply slip into your panties right with the maxi pads, to deliver some cooling relief from soreness in your episiotomy scars. Keep these in the freezer and use when cold enough. These offer relief from vaginal irritations, swelling, tearing and itching inflamed haemorrhoids that resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. Check out our Feme Episiotomy Pads for a comfortable and easy to use cooling system.

These are just some of the bare basics every modern mommy should have ready for use to get through the after-birth, comfortably. Would you like to know more about pregnancy essentials? Learn more at Belly Bands.


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