Benefits Of using a Belly Band

Benefits Of using a Belly Band - Belly Bands

When the going gets bumpy, “mummy” the tummy

If you think that the time to call for an epidural is 3 months after you get pregnant then we recommend a Belly Band. Having a baby is the most precious experience however it can also cause pain. As many as 80% of pregnant women experience pelvic and lower back pain, especially during the third trimester. The pain can range from minor aches to a consistent searing sensation that can make going about daily tasks a challenge. In severe cases, expectant mother can be bedridden. Then there’s the C-Section.

You’ll be encouraged to walk as soon as possible after surgery to improve blood flow, enhance wound healing and reduce constipation and gas pain. Wearing a non-invasive Belly Band makes walking much easier and less painful by supporting the cut abdominal muscles and wound. It also helps to reduce post-op bloating and allows you to feel secure, confident and free to use both hands i.e. not holding a pillow against the wound, as you care for your new baby and return to daily activities.

Research shows that the use of an elasticized abdominal binder after major abdominal surgery such as C-sections, can enhance the speed of postoperative recovery of walk performance and significantly reduce pain.  

Scientifically engineered Belly Bands support the back and belly through pregnancy and aid C-section recovery. They’re tailored to promote faster healing, reduce pain during pregnancy and to enhance mobility. The compression factor even affects the speed at which the post-baby tummy trims down.

Bouncing back after this major abdominal surgery isn’t easy, especially if you are looking after a baby or have a toddler in tow. If there’s no one around the house to help you, picking up baby can be excruciating.

Make sure you take the Belly Band into hospital with you so it is ready to wear within 24 hours after C-section delivery. Gemma Edlin, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and owner of a chain of private physiotherapy practices, regularly researches new rehabilitation products with a good evidence base to implement into her clinics. She recently gave birth to twins and used the Belly Bands C-Section Recovery belt.

“As recommended, I used the belt 24 hours post-surgery, even though I was unsure about putting something over the scar. I was pleasantly surprised that the binder didn’t aggravate it. In fact, it actually reduced the pain and discomfort associated with movement and provided external bracing and support. I used the brace for 3 weeks and would definitely recommend it to patients.

Ordering your 3-in-1 Maternity Support Band, which includes Stretch Mark and Scar Recovery Massage Cream and Natural Skin Brush is made easy for Australian and International customers, with flexible sizing, exclusive low prices and fast worldwide delivery. 

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