Safe ways to exercise throughout and after pregnancy

Whether you have only recently discovered the wonderful news or you have been pregnant for several months, exercise may well be the very last thing on your mind. The extra weight of your little growing...

Diastasis recti, (Abdominal Muscle Separation)

One of the ouchy things that can happen when you’re growing a baby is diastasis recti, a condition where the right and left sides of the rectus abdominis (your "six-pack" muscle) 

Benefits Of using a Belly Band

As many as 80% of pregnant women experience pelvic and lower back pain, especially during the third trimester.

Breastfeeding Post C Section Delivery

Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mother and baby and is also known to be important to health outcomes for mother and baby too. 

Exercise During Pregnancy

There are lots of wonderful benefits that exercise can provide for both you and your baby if you continue to exercise through your pregnancy.