Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy - Belly Bands

Exercise During Pregnancy

There are lots of wonderful benefits that exercise can provide for both you and your baby if you continue to exercise through your pregnancy. 

Only 5% of pregnant women exercise during their pregnancy. I think this is a very poor statistic especially with all the information available provin that exercising through a pregnancy is perfectly safe for both mum and baby. 

Pregnant women should be encouraged to exercise moderately through before during and post pregnancies. Here is some great examples of the benefits of exercising during pregnancy exercise specialist  Loraine Scappens owner of the multi awarding brand of Pregnancy Exercise nz.

I believe too many pregnant women are just too sedentary in their daily lives and many pregnancy and birthing complications are occurring due to lack of fitness and strength. 

If you are healthy, exercise regularly and have a normal uncomplicated pregnancy then there is no reason for you not to exercise through your entire pregnancy.

You are not exercising rigorously when you are pregnant it is moderate exercise, all strength exercise should be specific and pregnancy related. 

If training at a gym or with a trainer make sure they are experienced in dealing with pregnant and post natal females

Here are my 10 favorite pregnancy exercising benefits:

1 Increases your daily energy levels

2 Reduces pregnancy sickness and fatigue

3 Helps you to carry your pregnancy weight more efficiently

4 Prepares you for the demands of labor and birth

5 Prepares your body for the challenges of a new baby and breastfeeding

6 Reduces extra pregnancy weight gains

7 Allows you to get your body shape back fast

8 Improves yours and your Baby's blood supply

9 Reduces your stress

10 Faster recovery after birth and ability to get on with daily activities


Remember Healthy mums have Healthy babies!

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You can feel and look great during your pregnancy with the easy to use Pregnancy Exercise Programs

If you are active during your pregnancy you will carry a pregnancy easier, feel stronger and fitter during labour and recover far quicker post the birth of your baby.

The Pregnancy Exercise Program has taken years to develop. It's packed full of advice and all the information you need to stay healthy and active during your pregnancy. 

Program is available globally at http://pregnancyexercise.co.nz


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