Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

Natural Ways to Bring on Labour - Belly Bands

They are many cases in which women try but they could not get induced on their due date. There are several natural ways that will help you get your contractions started.

Try Walking

The very simple action of walking during your pregnancy can help you draw the baby through your pelvis. The pressure that is created on the pelvis by the weight of the baby readies the cervix for labour.

Primrose Oil

A lot of midwives swear by the evening primrose. The herb helps the cervix to dilate and become thin, thus automatically preparing it for labour. You can consume primrose oil capsules or rub this oil on the cervix on the very last days of your pregnancy. However, a word of caution, you must speak with your doctor before you try this. If you are diagnosed with placenta previa, you should steer clear of this herb. You should rather resort to other herbs like black cohosh or raspberry leaf. These can induce labor naturally.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is famous for acting as an effective laxative, what people do not know is that when it stimulates the bowels it can also irritate the uterus and lead to contractions. The downside of this is that if you are not showing signs of labour, taking castor oil may only lead to a case of diarrhoea.


The art of inserting needles in specific pressure points around the body can stimulate the activity of the uterus. However, if the baby is far from ready acupuncture won’t do the trick.


A lot of women like the acupuncture practice, but in this case, the use of needles when applying pressure to certain points around the body is omitted. The two points that can induce labour is the web like part between your finger and thumb, and the inside of your leg around four fingers above the ankle.


Studies have shown that massages help to raise the body’s oxytocins level; this is a hormone that brings in the labour contractions. Some massage therapists are quite confident about this technique’s ability to start labor when the mom is overdue. And it is just not massages solely that can do the trick. Try meditation during your pregnancy or cuddling; this relaxes you and gets those oxytocins levels pumping.

Eat Spicy Food

Some people believe that consuming spicy food can help kick start labour. Unlike castor oil, this food is gentle when nudging the uterus. However, there is yet no scientific evidence that proves that there really is some kind of spicy food that leads to contractions. Don’t overdo by believing that eating a lot of spicy food would do the trick, as you might end up with heart burn.

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