Pregnancy & Dry Brushing

Pregnancy & Dry Brushing - Belly Bands

Pregnancy & Dry Brushing

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman's life, but it can also be a tad overwhelming once in a while — especially for first-timers. That's why all mums-to-be should ponder the importance of implementing a few self-care practices into their daily routines. Taking five minutes to unwind with a little self-pampering activity is empowering and invigorating. It can make the whole difference in an expecting mom's day.

Pregnancy & Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is an excellent way for pregnant women to reconnect with themselves and their ever-changing bodies. It's an affordable and entirely baby-safe habit that can even permeate into their post-pregnancy lives. This daily ritual will keep any future mom's skin soft and healthy. Besides, some extra "me time" is necessary to maintain optimal emotional and mental health during this exciting stage. 

What is Dry Brushing?

The skin is our largest organ and, during pregnancy, it can suffer a lot of distress. A stimulating full-body massage can make it look and feel better than ever. That's where dry body brushing comes in. This simple yet effective habit is a great pick me up for those days during pregnancy when a mom-to-be might feel like her body is not her own anymore. 


Benefits of Dry Brushing During Pregnancy — and Beyond

During pregnancy, circulation can get a little sluggish. Some women also present swelling in their lower limbs due to fluid accumulation. Dry brushing encourages circulation and can reduce these pregnancy nuisances. It also stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage, which helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Some other notorious perks of dry brushing are:

  • Dead skin cells removal
  • Skin tightening
  • Ingrown hair reduction
  • Skin oil regulation
  • Nervous system stimulation

Some veteran mums even claim dry brushing helped them reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks during and after pregnancy. The truth is that this self-care practice has many benefits for expecting women and new moms alike — and sometimes even the dads! ‌

How to Safely Brush Your Skin

Dry brushing daily can significantly improve the texture of the skin when done right. All it takes is a natural stiff-bristled brush and a few minutes to spare before a bath or shower. It's essential to avoid brushes with extra firm bristles. After all, no pregnant woman wants any unnecessary skin irritation. 

To take advantage of all of the perks of dry brushing, follow these steps:

  1. Start by gently sweeping the soles of your feet and work your way up your legs with long, slow strokes.
  2. Remember to always brush towards the heart.
  3. Continue brushing up your arms and proceed to your neck, stroking downwards.
  4. Help stimulate elimination by brushing your abdomen in clockwise strokes.
  5. Brush your lower back moving upwards.

‌Remember to be extra gentle with your belly. Finalise the whole process by rinsing any flakes off in a warm shower or bath. Pat your body dry with a clean towel and don't forget to apply your favourite stretch mark prevention cream for better results.

Get Ready for the Best Skin of Your Life!

‌Dry brushing has been proven to be a safe practice, even during pregnancy. However, if you have any underlying conditions, make sure to talk to your doctor before you integrate this self-care habit into your daily routine. Remember, you and your baby's safety always come first. You can always start enjoying the benefits of dry brushing once the bun is out of the oven. Visit Belly Bands and grab your natural skin brush before they run out!



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