Exercise - Turn Your Baby From A Breech Position

Exercise - Turn Your Baby From A Breech Position - Belly Bands

Did you know there are exercises you can do to help baby turn from Breech Position?

Around 32 weeks about 18 per cent of babies lie in breach position, but by the time you are 37 weeks pregnant the number is down to about 3-4 per cent.

When you go for your routine checkups, your doctor or midwife should be able to feel your tummy and let you know what position your baby is laying in. They can also give advice on natural ways you help baby turn from a breech position. So remember and ask.

The thing with babies, is well they are babies and although they instincltly know that they need to move down into the anterior position as this is the optimum position for both baby and mother for delivery. But as we said they are babies and some are quite comfortable to stay just were they are.

Its also very common for women who are expecting twins or multiples to have one or more babies in breech position. And depending on the size of the babies can make a difference as this factor can limit the room available to turn easily.

Having a breech baby does not mean you will have an elective caesarean section. Quite often a breech baby will spontaneously turn around just before labour or even during labour without any assistance. And with the guidance from their birth team are encouraged and supported to deliver a breach baby naturally.

Your birth team are there to assist your, they want you to have the optimum experience, so ask questions and let your preferences be known before you go into labour.

Have you just found out that your baby is in a non optimal position for birth? 

Here is some great advice and exercises from pregnancy exercise specialist Lorraine Scapen,

Lorraine, shares her own personal journey of how she turned 3 or her own breech babies. Watch the video below. Its full of simple but effect ways to turn baby, With What To Do and What NOT To Do; tips and tricks to Turn Your Baby From A Breech Position.

The the "14 day ‘Turn Your Baby’ program will help you turn your baby with from a breech, transverse or posterior presentation to an Optimal ‘Vertex’ position with this program

Turn baby from Breech position

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