Natural Birth vs. Epidural

Natural Birth vs. Epidural - Belly Bands

When you are pregnant for the first time, you may have tons of questions about epidural and natural birth. You may be nervous when thinking about the pain of childbirth. You may hear that the birthing process goes a lot faster without the use of any medication, and the good part is that you are there and alert when the baby is born.

The Good Things about the Natural Birth Option

There are tons of natural birth pain management techniques aside from epidural that can help you through the entire ordeal.

Your partner gets a chance to be with you all the way and assist you with the pain management techniques.

There are lower risks for interventions, for instance, catheter, forceps, and Pitocin.

You are able to eat, walk, and drink the entire time you are in labour and immediately afterwards when you have given birth.

You are able to move around and get into a comfortable position. Plus, there is no loss of feeling or numbness when you have to push.

It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you have given birth without any medication. A lot of women love that and feel immense pride afterwards.

Natural birth is always safer. There are no invasive techniques or meds in the mix that would pose the risk of any harmful side effects for you and your baby.

The Good Things about Epidural

The technology of epidural for childbirth is constantly being refined. The practitioners are extremely skilled and always report a positive experience.

It is easy to get exhausted depending on how long the labor goes on for. Epidurals do the job when it comes to relieving irritability and fatigue.

If you have to get a caesarean, the epidural helps with pain when you are recovering from childbirth.

Epidural can be used while you are still awake and be a part of the birthing process all the way.

Women with low pain tolerance get a whole lot easier birthing experience.

If you happen to have a slow labour, with epidural, you can rest in between the painful contractions.

Epidural also helps lower the blood pressure of the mother.

The Big No’s That Disqualify You for Epidural

Anyone can easily have natural child birth, but not everyone can simply opt for an epidural. There are many instances where you should not have epidural anaesthesia, such as:

1.You are almost at the end of your labour and you change your mind to having natural child birth.

2.You are not dilated by 4 centimetres. This is because epidurals lag the labour period.

3.You have an infection.

4.You have low platelet count.

5.You are already on blood thinners. The risk of bleeding increases on the account of needle insertion.


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