5 Instagram Accounts We Love

5 Instagram Accounts We Love - Belly Bands

In the few spare moments we have through our days, escaping into the world of Instagram is a wonderful way to feel inspired and connected, and maybe to have a little giggle.

The problem is that our feeds can sometimes become overwhelmed with perfect, sun-soaked luxurious and completely unrealistic images with not a single spot of vomit or poop anywhere in sight! Not a good way to help us feel good about our pregnant or new-mum lives and bodies.

Fortunately, there are many influencers sharing advice and the reality of motherhood with the world. The images may look just as perfect, but the captions tell a different side and often one that we mums can relate to on so many levels.

There are also brands and companies sharing some incredibly useful, beautiful products for us to get inspiration from or even order online.

It is so important, especially in those first few weeks, for us to realise that we are not alone, and that mums of all ages stick together and support one another.

So the next time you’re scrolling, click through to these accounts for some ideas, stories and even some absolutely hilarious tales of motherhood!


Okay, disclaimer: @notsomumsy’s Marcia Leone is a stunning model mum; but she is also so wonderfully real. Marcia has not had an easy ride through motherhood or postpartum, and she shares it all, sometimes very candidly, on her account.

Her images of her mum-life are absolutely gorgeous, but these are often accompanied by her trials and tales of pain, injury, surgery and the numerous ways she has suffered through her pregnancy, labour and long, long recovery.

Reading these stories can be incredibly empowering, especially if you are feeling run down, low and like you couldn’t possibly be sexy again.

Added Bonus: Marcia also features lots of stunning clothing in her shoots from her maternity / motherhood clothing brand, @notsomumsy_thelabel


If you don’t know Celeste yet, you are really missing out! For a wonderful ‘fame vs. normal’ reality check, she throws her shame and self-consciousness in the trash and recreates the often-ridiculous staged images that flood Instagram daily.

Poking fun at the manicured, Photoshopped, falsified shots we see on socials and in magazines every day, Celeste holds nothing back with her mockery of the artificial world of celebrities – with hilarious results!

Baring it all for the camera, and giving us endless chuckles in doing so, she holds nothing back in showing us just how silly fame can be when served a fresh slice of reality pie.

Added Bonus: During the Australian bushfires, Celeste raised millions of dollars to support causes and individuals struggling through one of Australia’s most impactful natural disasters.


Sascha Farley’s Instagram bio says it all: “I’m 4 kids deep and haven’t slept properly since 2014”!

Sascha offers the perfect feed for showing all mums that they can; they can do it, they can regain their health and wellness, and they can cook a triple chocolate cheesecake that is only 200 calories per serve!

Interspersing her fitness advice with delicious recipes and stories of life as a four-time mum, Sascha’s feed is as refreshing as it is informative and mouthwatering. She also divulges some of her deeper thoughts and insecurities, sharing with her audience some of the struggles we can sometimes face as mums, proving that we are not alone in these struggles, and that we all have the strength (and support) to be able to get through them.

Added Bonus: Sascha’s feed is filled with heaps of amazing, healthy recipes for you to try at home.


Ellie Bullen has been a major player in the world of Australian Instagram influencers for years. Her spectacular world-travel images captured a dream life that was stunningly breathtaking – but completely unrelatable to the world of a mum.

Then along came Bowie… Now a happy mother, Ellie has reinterpreted her Instagram life to inspire and supply fellow new mums with recipes, info and products to help make motherhood, easier, more fun and beautiful.

Filled with maternity and postpartum-wear, adorable baby knits, waste-free products, bags and much, much more, The Wholesome Store may have you reaching for the credit card while bub’s having their afternoon nap, but it will also inspire you to be creative, indulge just a little and make your mummy-world beautiful.

Added Bonus: She’s also an amazing plant-based chef with her own cookbook filled with divine recipes that are as tasty as they are healthy.


Inspiring much? Jessica Smith is not only inspiring as a mum, she is an inspiring human being in all aspects of her life.

Born without her lower left arm, as a toddler she suffered a tragic kitchen accident leaving her with severe burns to 15 per cent of her body. Despite this, she dived into a swimming career, becoming a Paralympian, eventually representing Australia at the 2004 Paralympic Games.

Now a proud mum (and proud recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia), she shares her journeys – lifelong and daily – with the world, with a career as a motivational speaker, author and founder of 'Join the Revolution', an award-winning international Body-Positive social media campaign.

Being a mum, especially for the first time, is a wonderful experience, but it doesn’t come without its little challenges. Brew yourself a warm cup of tea, curl up on the couch while bub is napping and browse these five accounts to see the humour, love, inspiration and empowerment in being the wonderful mum you are.


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