Natural Birth and Labour Pain Management Techniques

Natural Birth and Labour Pain Management Techniques - Belly Bands

Women are familiar with pain meds and the famous epidurals, but what most are not aware of are the various pain management techniques that are available to these moms to be.

Breathing Exercises

Contractions can be dealt with gently with some breathing exercises. But do not just imitate something you saw in a movie. Here is how to do it right. 

Taking in and blowing out deep breaths helps. But you need to build a momentum. You should know that you will have to direct all your energy and concentrate it on your contractions, most importantly during tough contractions. Sometimes when women in labour, they lose their focus, as the contractions’ pain may take over. 

Change Positions

Most women are flat on their backs during their first labour. It can go on for hours and hours, and they might not shift to different positions. Having breech delivery can make the process a whole lot intense. A neat way is to start rocking on all limbs; it takes the pressure and weight off ones back. There are even times during labour when you are asked to come back to the bed for monitoring. You can continue to do this on the bed as well. You can rock back and forth from each side. 


Warmth is always known to relieve any sort of pain. Get an electric heating pad, hot water bottle, or heating pads. They will ease the contraction pain before you know it. 

Walking a Bit

This works for certain women. If you are up for it, you may want to give it a go and see if the pain eases or not. 

Birthing Ball

Try rolling on a birthing ball, as labour progresses you should be using the power of gravity to work out in your favour.Movement and rotation encourages the baby down through the pelvic canal.


When your body is dehydrated, the body cramps a lot worse.You will either be given ice chips to chew on or water with Emergent C. 


Never underestimate the power of a great massage. Target the back and your feet. A handheld massager works just as well as calling upon a family member or close friend to act as your personal masseuse. 

Soak In a Tub

Almost all moms prefer this. Soaking in a tub helps you manage pain as well as relaxes you for the delivery process which is just as important. However, if you want, you can also indulge in a hot shower. The stream of hot water on your back acts as a nice massage. Some doctors are wary of this technique as they think this is what slows down the delivery procedure. 

Essential Oils

You may want to try this out. Pack your bag with Lavender; it is popular for its relaxing and calming effect. All you have to do is have someone pour a few drops on a wash cloth and you can inhale that.


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