Exercise – Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD)

SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction), pelvic girdle pain, diastasis symphysis pain.

Exercise - Turn Your Baby From A Breech Position

Did you know there are exercises you can do to help baby turn from Breech Position?

What to Expect - Caesarean

Being prepared for either a natural birth or a assisted caesarean will allow you to have a much better immediate and long term birthing experience.

Natural Birth and Labour Pain Management Techniques

Women are familiar with pain meds and the famous epidurals, but what most are not aware of are the various pain management techniques that are available

Natural Birth vs. Epidural

When you are pregnant for the first time, you may have tons of questions about epidural and natural birth.

Tips To Lose Your Post-Pregnancy Belly

Post-pregnancy recovery takes a lot of time. Even though it seems like Hollywood stars shed their post-pregnancy pounds in weeks, it doesn’t really work that way.