The Peri Bottle: Every New Mum's Best Ally After Childbirth

It seems like, these days, everybody has a lot to share about pregnancy and childbirth. Still, not enough people talk about what happens right after delivering a precious bundle of joy. Or at least, not when it comes to women's bodies — or very specific parts of them, for that matter.

Soreness over here, tearing over there, stitches everywhere. Thankfully, there's a maternity essential that's been turning things around for ladies worldwide. Read on to learn more!

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Safe ways to exercise throughout and after pregnancy

Whether you have only recently discovered the wonderful news or you have been pregnant for several months, exercise may well be the very last thing on your mind.

The extra weight of your little growing passenger, water retention, sore back and other symptoms may make you feel like waiting out your pregnancy in the comfort of your bed, with plenty of pillows, endless pots of tea and Netflix!

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